What's Next

Untamed Jungle

The demo has been doing great with 750+ downloads to date! I am now mostly working on adding content for the full game, which includes enemies, bosses, items, characters and new zones. 

You can see one of those new biomes in the picture above. It's still a work in progress but the overall feel for the level is there.

I'll also post some gifs below of new enemies and critters that are in the works!

The current plan is to add a lot more content and tweak some functionalities before doing either a bêta or an early access launch. That'll most probably take a few months to put together. I'll try to regularly update you about my progress!

If there is anything you're curious about (whether it's the game, how I do certain things, the statistics of the game... anything really) just let me know and I'll try to write something on it.



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that ant looks so cute, I will feel bad killing it :(

Haha well you won't have to kill it! It's an harmless critter and won't attack you, just like the butterflies and worms in the current demo level.


Well thats great, the dirt guys and onion with tongues are looking cool too! Your artstyle is very cute and cartoonish!

Thank you for the kind words :)