Update 0.2.1 - Pets!

Today's update introduces a new type of item into the game: pets!

Quick note: I am now using Twitter for updates and information about the game. Make sure to follow me there!

These little guys will follow you around and help you with their different abilities. 

Walter will give you drugs, while Crank will explode on your enemies.

A new foe has also been introduced to the game: the alien. They are weak and slow but usually hang out in groups.

Some corrections were made:

  • Fixed some glitches with Big Brains.
  • The heart in the tutorial can no longer be pushed by hitting it.
  • Altars and shops will now have less items in the beginning of a run.
  • Shops found before the first arena now sell items for half the price.
  • Chests in the beginning of the run will now usually give out lower tier items.
  • Energy balls no longer go through walls.
  • There will no longer be duplicate rooms when you’re presented only with item rooms.
  • A run can no longer start with a platforming room.


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