Update 0.2.0

We've received a lot of feedback since last update. They have helped us better understand what's frustrating in the game and what needs to be tweaked! We tried to take it into account for today's update and this will hopefully make your experience better.

In a few words: the difficulty of the game is better adjusted, the characters are easier to manoeuver, the tutorial has been improved and the mouse is now fully usable. 

More updates are already planned for the next days with new rooms, enemies, items and some other neat things we'd like to test out.

The full changelog can be found below.

Major changes:

  • Most rooms have been modified to be easier. A lot of traps have been removed.
  • The height you go to after bouncing on enemies or spikes has been increased and the maximum falling speed of the player has been reduced. The goal is to make bouncing and down striking things easier.
  • The speed at which you slide while hanging onto a wall has been decreased.
  • Key bindings now support the mouse and you can use the mouse to navigate in menus.
  • You will now mostly encounter easy rooms in the beginning of the run. The probability of meeting hard rooms increases as you progress through the arenas.
  • Big Brains no longer spawns meatball traps and his health has been decreased.
  • Invulnerability time after being hit has been increased. You now become transparent when you are invulnerable.
  • Patato damage and energy damage have been increased.
  • The Zombie Ogre and the Flying Corpse size have been reduced. The Flying Corpse health and speed has been reduced aswell. This should make it easier to dodge in rooms with a lot of enemies.
  • The tutorial has been reworked to better explain concepts of the game. We recommend you give it a try if you played the old version and have a hard time in the game.
  • The beginning chest with a random passive item has been replaced by a random defensive ability. (picked from the ones you have discovered)

Minor changes:

  • Genetic Containers will no longer spawn enemies if there are more than 9 enemies in the room (not counting the containers).
  • Added a new gameplay settings page that allows you to disable death screens, floor introductions, tutorial prompts and to enable quick drop. With quick drop on, you only have to press DOWN to go down from a platform instead of DOWN + JUMP.
  • Destroyables in the rooms introducing the Training Grounds and the Hole have been removed.
  • Hitting dummies now produces particles.
  • The text displaying speed of dialogs has been increased.
  • You can no longer die during the tutorial.
  • When focusing an item, a button prompt has been added below the description to show how to pick it up.
  • Button prompts have been added near the offensive and defensive abilities to show how to use them.
  • The number of damage taken from traps needed to unlock certain perks has been reduced.
  • A bug where binding SHIFT didn’t show the key image was fixed.
  • You can now use SPACE aswell as ENTER to validate in the menus, except in the keyboard bindings page.
  • In the settings (for fields other than key bindings), you can now change the values directly by moving left or right instead of having to press ENTER before and after.
  • The distance at which the coins get attracted by the player has been increased.
  • The damage dealt to enemies by reflected canon bullets has been increased.
  • Genetic Containers now have more sound effects.
  • Fixed a bug where the game went back into fullscreen mode when alt-tabbing even when windowed mode was selected in the options.
  • Fixed a bug where exiting a menu page after having modified the value of an option would keep displaying that value without having applied it.
  • Default keybindings have been changed and are now using the mouse.
  • The volume of the stinger playing when entering The Hole or the Training Grounds has been lowered.
  • There is now an indication telling you how to begin the fight in the Challenge Rooms.
  • The final boss difficulty has been increased.
  • The Ogre Champion health has been increased.
  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t bounce on canon bullets.
  • Fixed a bug where the description box of an item that was at the top of the screen was being cut off.
  • Fixed a bug where starting items appeared in the tutorial after having done it once.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t hit a dummy with a spear.
  • Levels have been renamed to perk points so it is less confusing.
  • Challenges with getting hit by traps have been fixed.
  • Poop now also gives 100 Armor Damage Reflection.

Thank you for your involvement. It means a lot to us!


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