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good game


Great! Thank you for playing!

Thank you for making the game. Great job.



Greetings from Germany <3

I didn't understand a lot of the video haha but thanks for playing the game! :)


Looooooove this game. Looks great and has tight controls(I used controller). A lot of content for a demo. Can't wait for the full release. 5 Stars.

Thanks a lot for the kind words, it's very encouraging! 


Truly a great platformer that goes deep in depth and holds a high skill ceiling allowing for awesome customization. Love the hand-drawn artwork and the different types of monsters! Although, I'm wondering if there's some sort of save feature to keep my progress. With that, this game would be complete! 

Thanks for the kind words, watching you play was very entertaining! I'll try to fix the little glitches you found.

The perks and characters you unlock are saved, but your ingame progress beyond the tutorial is reseted when you die. The dungeon is randomized, which means the rooms you encounter after you die will be different everytime. You also don't have to redo the tutorial after you've done it once.

I might implement a feature that allows you to keep your progress when you simply leave the game though. I'll look into it!

Looking forward to your next videos!


Wow...the 0.2.0 update turned this game from interesting to downright fantastic for me. Love the direction you’re headed and look forward to see what’s to come.

Thanks a lot for your comment! I'm happy to hear we're moving in the right direction.

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Все очень классно. Управления слегка не удобна на клавиатуре. Буду ждать релиза :)

Спасибо за игру! Я не все поняла, но все равно было весело. Новое обновление устраняет многие проблемы, которые у вас, похоже, есть. Мы постараемся поддержать джойстик и двойной удар, когда сможем!


Really fun, and I like what it's got so far, but this game feels super difficult. I think the control scheme is just a bit awkward for me and didn't realize you could use a controller. Definitly going tot try it out with a controller next time, hopefully that should help me out. It also felt like sometimes jumping wasn't always consistant, like when holding to jump higher up a wall, seemed like I had a 50/50 chance of getting that big jump or just sticking to the wall. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Thank you for making that video and for your feedback! Watching you play is very helpful to me as I can better pinpoint what needs to be modified.

I agree with you about the difficulty. A lot of people have complained about it aswell as the weird control scheme. 

I am currently working on an update that will drastically decrease the difficulty and change the default keyboard bindings (the mouse will be usable and hopefully be more intuitive). 

It will be probably be out near the end of this week. I'll also take a look at that jumping issue you have pointed out.

Thanks again!


how do I clime the thing in the begining

To climb the wall: stand next to the right wall, keep "D" pressed and jump multiple times until you get to the top.

I understand this manoeuver can be a bit tricky in the current version of the game. This is going to be made easier in the next update!


i love the game but i suck at it


The game is very hard in its current state. We are currently working to make it easier with the next update!


i wish you luck


This is a very fun game, and we like everything about it!!  


Thank you for your feedback and for the kind words about the art style!

Your video was very entertaining to watch. And it helped me point out things I should work on to make playing more intuitive.

About the room where you got stuck, you actually had to hit the sword in the middle of the room :) I'll make sure to put some more indications in the next update.


How can someone not take the chance to have fun AND say the 'Are you not entertained?' line? Cool idea, looking forward to seeing more. :)


Haha thank you for your feedback! Watching you play has proven very insightful, we'll take your input into account for next updates of the game!


Hey! I was just trying to survive and get back to my... Potato family? :)