Potato Tactics is a tiny turn-based roguelike game where you play a bunch of potato soldiers fighting for their lives. 


  • A or Q: Attack
  • S or ESC: Settings
  • Space: End Turn

Music by Alexander Nakarada.


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Potato platformers, potato roguelites, potato tactics! What is next on the potato treatment train?

Haha the world isn't ready yet for my best potatoes

I'll be waiting :D

it's too hard and the randomness is too decisive IMO.

Whenever I win a match I feel that it is more due to luck than to the strategy.

Overall, the visuals and the mechanics are interesting :)


Yeah I agree the game probably needs a lot of balancing

Reached level 10... Def just lucky due to using the rocks. I do try to start w/  HP>10, a 3 Speed min, and weapons that fit stamina. 

i reached level 8! my strategy is to get many steps and energy

i reached level 7!

Please, make a downloadable version for PC.

Love the game; reached level 9 after many hours. Thanks for the fun Thomas!! I really like how one wrong move is all it takes to end a run. Looking forward to an update. Cheers!

how did you get level 9? i only get to 6


it is very hard. i reached level 6. just got lucky and a lot of strategy. but it just reaches the point there are way too many enemies and they take the first turn and kill you. needs balance and checkpoints.
overall, i love this game!


Yeah it probably needs a lot of work balancing-wise, I might push out some updates when I get the time. Glad to hear you're enjoying the game though!


been playin for hours!


very fun