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thank you!

Increíble tienes un buen estilo

Oh its so cool! :D

Thank you for tutorial and assets

is there anyway you can reconsider the license for your assets to also allow for commercial use [at least for the coin] so it can be used along with your hand drawn knight and barbarian? Please advise, because those two characters are great, and it'll be awesome to be able to use [at least] the coin.

Yeah sure, feel free to use the assets for commercial projects. Would love to see what you're making with it. Didn't know people actually used those characters I published haha, might release more at some point if people find it useful.

great thanks for reconsidering your license soon as the game is done, we'll post a link to it so you can see your assets in action. Happy New Year!

Do I need to credit this for my game?

Nah don't worry about it

thank you very much for the tutorial 

You're welcome