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The game was incredibly fun to play and I love all the enemies I encountered! 

Cool game, I got it in the bundle for ukrane and only wish I could access it on steam.

Btw, if you ever worked on this game more, I have some ideas :)

This is a nice game :) very simple concept but hard to master.

Thank you!

is there an end to it, or is it endless?

It's endless

does it save when leaving? 


good game <3

Second game I've seen with this punching mechanic. What tutorial does this come from?


What's the other game you've seen? I haven't followed any tutorial to make this game. I did create some tutorials out of it though: 

That's awesome. I'm following tutorials myself right now and the people who put what they've learned out there for free have my highest respect. I've spent ten minutes but I can't find the other game - but it was just blocks that you punch into other blocks that come at you from off-screen.

Really fun. Don't expect to get your $ per hour ratio or whatever, but is really easy to hop into and have fun with for a while.

i dont have money to buy this game ORZ


this is epic!!!


i   Like   potato